The 2020 NFL Draft wrapped up on April 25. However, on April 24, the second and third rounds were held. And with the first pick in the second round (33rd overall) the Cincinnati Bengals selected wide receiver Tee Higgins out of Clemson. Right after that, the Indianapolis Colts selected wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. at 34th overall.

Both are top wide receiver prospects and two players that could turn into some of the best at the position in the entire NFL.

Before they even step on the field though, let’s try and take a stab at who will have a better NFL career.

Obviously, there are pretty compelling cases for both. They both went to top-tier football colleges and carved out some incredible numbers.

The potential is high on both, but only one can take that top spot.

Now, there are a few reasons you might point to Pittman as the man here. Some may say that Higgins benefited from the Clemson offense and having Trevor Lawrence at quarterback. Meanwhile, Pittman didn’t have the same luxuries at USC.