Recently, TJ Shouse stirred up some dust with his article on Jay Cutler, which is no surprise when he made the play that Cutler could end up in the same company as Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Eli Manning. Since Cutler arrived in Chicago in 2009, his struggles have been well-documented. The offense has had inconsistency all over the place-- from the coaching staff, to the offensive line, to the wide receiving corps, injuries, etc-- and Cutler was a big part of that inconsistency. We know Cutler has the intelligence to be great, and the athleticism, but we also know that he can absolutely fall apart when he gets rattled. Season after season of running for your life will do that to a person. Cutler takes chances, many times when he shouldn't, and would rather try to make a play in an impossible window rather than throw the ball out of bounds. When he gets frustrated, his attitude changes, and it affects his decision-making.