Thursday marks the first day of on-field activity at the 2020 NFL scouting combine, and that means the arrival of the eagerly awaited quarterback throwing session.

If Washington’s Jacob Eason doesn’t have the best arm in the 2020 draft class, he’s no lower than top-three in an interesting QB group.

NFL scouts have raved all season long about Eason, who is 6-foot-6 and 231pounds, namely his ability to spin the ball with the best of them, displaying some first-round traits even as they admit he’s far from a fully realized prospect without flaws that must be addressed. One of those potential worries in the scouting community is a thing that can’t be measured with distance or miles per hour.

It’s the question of whether Eason is the type of natural-born leader NFL teams seek at quarterback.

Eason lacks the natural “leave it to me” swagger of LSU’s Joe Burrow and might not have that cutthroat quality that some of the greats possess.

The two words most often used to describe Eason’s personality? “Laid” followed by “back.”

As in ...