Alabama wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs made history during the 2020 NFL Draft becoming the first receivers from the same school in NFL history to be drafted in the top 15 of the same draft.

That distinction will create some pressure for both prospects to succeed in the NFL whether that’s fair or not. Being highly touted college teammates at the same position, Ruggs and Jeudy will forever be linked and compared in some way.

But, with both receivers heading into the NFL with high expectations, the question will undoubtedly come up: Who will have the better career?

In somewhat of a surprise move, Ruggs was the first wide receiver selected in the 2020 draft class when he was taken with the 12th overall pick by the Las Vegas Raiders.

Prior to NFL combine in April, Ruggs was not exactly seen as a top prospect at the position. Ruggs was a part of a stacked WR group at Alabama and as a result, was just third on the team with 746 yards and seven touchdowns.