Will Springer replace JBJ in FA?

Nov. 4: Jackie Bradley Jr. is a free agent, and so is fellow center fielder George Springer. Might the latter replace the former in Boston? That's what MLB Network insider Jon Heyman posits in his latest "Big-Time Baseball" podcast with Tony Gwynn Jr., guessing that Springer will get somewhere in the neighborhood of four years for $80 million.

"A great Connecticut athlete ... I'm gonna guess four for 80 -- in a different market he would probably do even better than that," Heyman said. "I'm gonna say he stays in New England and goes to the Red Sox, who are gonna let Jackie Bradley Jr. go somewhere else."

Execs like Springer's bat, CF defense

Nov. 4: Multiple executives picked Springer as their No. 1 overall free agent in an MLB.com poll, putting the center fielder in a small top tier of free agents.

Of the 21 MLB executives polled, four voted for Springer. Ten executives voted for J.T. Realmuto, six voted for Trevor Bauer, and one voted for DJ LeMahieu.

The executives on Springer's side liked his power and defense while playing center field.

One National League executive who voted for Springer said: "The combo of a premium bat at a premium position is hard to pass up. He's the type of player who would immediately be one of the two or three best players on whatever team signs him. He can hit anywhere in the lineup, and you can pencil him into center field every day. That's quite a luxury."

An American League executive called Springer "an excellent player and a proven champion," and added: "When identifying the 'best' free agent, we all strive to pinpoint the player who marries unquestioned talent with the innate ability to elevate the team's chance of excelling in the playoffs. George Springer is that player."