Phase Two, the Dodgers keep talking about Phase Two. A greater emphasis on scouting and player development, an eventual rollback of the team’s massive payroll. Well, if Phase Two is real — as real as, ahem, the Yankees’ stated desire to stay under the $189 million luxury-tax threshold — here is how the plan should unfold: • With the team refraining from signing free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew long term, a move that would block shortstop Corey Seager, perhaps the team’s best prospect. • With the team declining to acquire Rays left-hander David Price, who likely would cost the team Seager and several other top prospects, and further increase payroll. • And finally, with the team ultimately trading outfielder Matt Kemp. Such a move would save the team tens of millions and perhaps bringing in quality young talent. Well, the Dodgers are disinclined to sign Drew, according to major league sources. They’re publicly downplaying their chances of landing Price. And they’re declining comment on Kemp, even after the outfielder’s agent, Dave Stewart, said he received an assurance from Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti that Kemp would not be moved. A near-perfect rollout, thus far, of Phase Two. The question is, will the Dodgers stick to the plan? Price is awfully tempting; a rotation headed by Clayton Kershaw, Price and Zack Greinke would be ungodly. But if the Dodgers make such a move, they might as well sign Drew; they would be going all-in, and likely parting with Seager, anyway.