During his five seasons as Mavericks coach, the only other time Rick Carlisle publically criticized a player nearly as harshly as he did O.J. Mayo on Monday was when he went on his radio show last season and questioned Lamar Odom’s effort. Monday was worse. Since Mayo left the locker room without talking to reporters, all we have is Carlisle’s perspective. Then again, after scoring two points and committing four turnovers in 28 minutes against his former team, Memphis, it’s hard to imagine Mayo offering much of a defense. Also, it should be pointed out that while Carlisle was mostly talking about Mayo, he was critical of the team’s younger players in general. “I guess here’s where I am with it,” Carlisle said. “All year long, we’ve all wanted our guys to do well. Look, I know (Dirk) Nowitzki is going to compete on every possession. I know (Shawn) Marion and (Vince) Carter and (Elton) Brand, those guys are going to show. I mean, that’s what they’ve done for a lot of years. “But, you know, beyond that, they’ve got to want it as much as everyone else wants it for them. That’s been the issue, to me. Some of our younger guys have had an opportunity to sit at the grownups table this year and see what it’s like to take on more responsibility. It can be a daunting thing. “A lot of guys say they want it. And if they want it, then how they show up, there’s got to be more presence. I think that’s a great word. Because a guy can have a bad shooting night, but he can still have great presence in the game. That’s what this franchise is looking for.” Carlisle clearly didn’t believe Mayo offered much of a presence Monday. And considering Mayo this summer will enter the option year (his) of two-year contract, Carlisle’s words almost certainly will be burning Mayo’s ears for a while.