Not all is well in Clipperland. Los Angeles is 5-13 since the start of November, and with Patrick Beverley out for the season and Blake Griffin likely stuck on the bench until late January, the Clippers could be a team ready to sell ahead of the Feb. 8 trade deadline. Taking a look at the roster, the most likely candidate is center DeAndre Jordan. The All-Star big man recently hired Jeff Schwartz to represent him after two years without an agent to help him figure out his future with the Clippers, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. That could mean re-signing with LA before the end of his current deal, as Jordan owns a player option which would allow him to become a free agent before the 2018-19 season. However, if the train fully derails and it becomes a lost season in LA, the front office might take a hard look at getting some sort of return for its healthiest trade asset. Who might be interested? Look no further than the Bucks. Milwaukee is among multiple teams "kicking the tires hard" on a potential Jordan trade, according to Bleacher Report's Ken Berger, who notes the Bucks want to add size and rebounding at the trade deadline. Jordan definitely checks both of those boxes. He's listed at 6-11 (is this one of those instances where a guy doesn't want to be considered a 7-footer?) and is averaging 14.3 rebounds per game, second in the NBA to only Pistons center Andre Drummond (15.3). It's been a down scoring season for Jordan without his favorite alley-oop partner in Chris Paul, but it's not as though the Bucks would expect him to be the No. 1 option. They already have a top-10 offense with MVP candidate in Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the way, but their defense is still below the league average.