Flyers defenseman Brandon Manning and Edmonton superstar Connor McDavid don’t like each other. That much is clear. What ISN’T clear is whether their much-publicized feud will escalate when the teams meet Thursday night in Edmonton. Some background: Last season, McDavid missed 37 games after he broke his left clavicle in a contest against the Flyers, probably costing him the rookie-of-the-year award. McDavid lost an edge on the play and then collided with Manning and went into the boards. Manning later said he received death threats from fans who thought he intended to injure McDavid. McDavid, 20, who leads the NHL with 63 points this season, told Manning it was a "classless thing" he did to him. That’s Manning's version. McDavid had a different version. After the Flyers' 6-5 comeback win over the visiting Oilers on Dec. 8, he said Manning acknowledged that he injured him on purpose. Manning vehemently denied saying such a thing.