With the disappointment of Leroy Sane’s injury on the minds of most Bayern Munich fans, the club’s front office has been hard at work implementing a contingency plan for what most would consider the worst-case scenario.

A signing of Inter Milan’s Ivan Perisic appears imminent and the Bavarians have also been tied to Juventus forward Mario Mandzukic, but there is another highly talented, highly expensive forward that Bayern has been linked with of late: Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale.

The oft-injured, but undeniably skilled, 30-year-old is peaking Bayern’s interest heavily according to Sport. With Real Madrid making a serious run at Paris Saint-Germain megastar Neymar, Los Blancos may need to dump some salary in an effort to stay somewhat financially responsible:

The bombshell for Neymar by Real Madrid could give rise to many variables, including one where Bale could be an option to reduce costs. The truth is that there is an option for Real Madrid to give away the Welshman that passes through Bayern Munich.

Bale’s name has caused a ripple within the Bayern fanbase as some fans are intrigued by his talent, while others are wary of his injury history and somewhat diva-like behavior. Some others are even concerned about how Bale’s wages would affect Bayern locker room.