The acquisition of Andre Iguodala was an excellent move for the Golden State Warriors, especially in the midst of the insanity surrounding Dwight Howard’s decision (hereon referred to as ‘The Dwightmare”). Not only does he provide an elite talent at wing defense, but he also brings slashing offense and spectacular dunking ability/inside attacking to the team. With Iguodala, the Warriors suddenly have lots of depth at the wing with Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson (standing 6’6, 6’8 and 6’7 respectively). However, his addition to the team brings a few questions to mind. The main one is: who comes out of the starting lineup in his place? Iggy is a surefire starter and plays either the small forward or shooting guard position. The latter is his natural placement. That means that either Thompson or Barnes will likely end up as the Warriors’ next sixth man.