Last year, when the Broncos hired former Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to serve as the team’s new head coach, many believed that the Broncos next would land quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Many also regard it as not coincidental that, only hours after Rodgers announced a plan to stay in Green Bay, the Broncos struck a deal for quarterback Russell Wilson.

This year, with Hackett becoming the new offensive coordinator of the Jets, speculation already has commenced that, like his Green Bay predecessor, Rodgers will be Broadway bound.

But will he join the Jets? First, Rodgers has to decide that he wants to play. Second, he has to decide that he wants to not play for the Packers. Third, he has to choose the Jets as his destination. Fourth, the Jets and Packers need to work out an acceptable deal. Fifth, Rodgers and the Jets need to negotiate an acceptable contract.

After the first three, the last two should be fairly easy. The Packers, who will escape nearly $60 million in cash and cap obligations, surely won’t want a major haul for a player who may have only one year left.