The mid-point of the season was this week, and your Hockey Wilderness writing staff sat down and gave grades to each player on the team. We graded forwards and defensemen who had suited up for at least 10 games this season, and goalies who had played 4 or more games. Be prepared to dig in, there's lots of stuff in here! Jesse also had a message he wanted us to pass along- I would give grades, but my view is that every single player earns an "F" for failing to show any remorse and not coming up with any type of action plan to avoid a 4th lockout in a row. The apparent lack of concern for the fans (the people shelling out their hard-earned money so that these arrogant assbags can make a living playing a game) has me 100% jaded towards the NHL as a whole. So I fail every single player, I will continue to ignore the NHL as a whole, and I will understand if you choose not to use my response as my view is overly biased, as I have contributed nothing based on my distaste for the NHL. I just felt it fair to finally include everyone into why I have been absent in this lockout shortened season.