There was nothing wrong with the collective knee-jerk response locally to news that both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter had signed in Minnesota. All of the people who pointed out, again and again, that the chase for those Northwest Division championship hats just got more difficult for the Canucks were on point. But it doesn't take much to put a positive spin on the moves from the Vancouver point of view. For one, it's better Parise is in ­Minny for this upcoming season than, say, Chicago. And better Suter is in the so-called of State of Hockey rather than Hockeytown, Detroit. The Canucks are built to win now and the Wild remain something of a work-in-progress. It's likely a couple years yet before the Wild could be one of the favourites in the Western Conference. So, the powerhouses are no better because of it. Yes, we can see that is spin. But that's one way to view this as good news over at The Roge.