Wil Myers is the Padres.

After all the near trades and the slumps and the attempts to explain how things might get better, he is wearing brown and gold and seems like he might be as good as ever.

“It’s definitely been challenging the last few years,” said the man who has been in the organization longer than any of his teammates. “You learn a lot about yourself as a person, as a player. … To make some of the strides I did in 2020, it’s very special for me. It’s one of those things you can hang your hat on and be proud of yourself for. To sit back and know what this organization has been through, what I’ve been through, it’s really cool to sit here and see where we are in 2021.”

A full ’21 season with more ups than downs would be good. It is even necessary to leave behind any lingering questions about whether he will ever perform to the level of his talent and be able to make it through 162 games without blowing up and/or getting hurt.