Matt Wieters won’t come off the disabled list when he’s eligible next Monday. He has yet to throw, and may not until next week. Wieters had a Platelet Rich Plasma injection on his ailing right elbow on May 12. “It’s getting better. We want it to feel about normal before we get back to throwing, and we’re not going to worry about setting timetables until it gets feeling good, and then we’ll set a schedule from there,” Wieters said. “The injection was only to speed up the healing, some more concentrated healing on the elbow. That’s all the injection was for, and the other stuff was just waiting for time and letting it heal at its own pace.” Wieters, who visited orthopedist Dr. James Andrews for an examination when the team was in Tampa Bay two weeks ago, was shut down on May 11. He says it’s tough to measure how it’s responding. “We won’t really be able gauge [until] I do throw. Any time I come in feeling fairly comfortable without doing anything, once it feels comfortable without doing anything, that’s when we’ll start with a throwing program.”