When all was said and done, the Rams concentrated on areas of team needs when it came to the so-called “top 30” pre-draft visits at Rams Park. At least seven wide receivers were known to visit Rams Park. So were at least four running backs, six offensive linemen, five linebackers, but curiously only one safety. Teams are allowed to bring in up to 30 players for such visits, and the Post-Dispatch was able to identify 23 of those visits through a variety of sources. Teams don’t always use all 30 of those visits, but they usually come pretty close. So there may be a half-dozen names missing from the group listed here. The top 30 visits usually provide clues on who the Rams are interested in, sometimes pretty strong clues. Last season, for example, five Rams draft picks under new head coach Jeff Fisher and new general manager Les Snead were players who had made pre-draft visits to Rams Park. But the pre-draft visit isn’t an end-all, be-all. For example, Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins didn’t make a pre-draft visit to St. Louis, yet the Rams sent delegations to watch him work out at Clemson twice over a four-day period. That would seem to indicate strong interest. No workouts are allowed during the top 30 visits. But plenty of talking takes place. The deadline for such visits was April 17 this year, so other than a few private workouts – which must be done on the player’s campus – the top 30 visits are the final act in the lengthy pre-draft process. “In our ‘top 30’ visits this year ... we brought them in for all different reasons,” Fisher said. “What we were consistent with in the visits was the process and how we introduced offense and defense to the prospects.” “We gave them an hour or so, and then asked them to go back in (the meeting room) and share the information, and how they process and retain (information).” In other words, after a session in which a sample of the offensive or defensive playbook is introduced to the prospect, the Rams let a period of time pass before quizzing the player on that session. The idea is to see how much of that playbook he remembers. “The 30-visit thing is something that is very important to us,” Fisher said. “We thought we were very productive and especially selective this year.”