It looks like any day now we are finally going to learn who, among the six candidates interviewed for the Yankee managerial job, was the one who most blew the socks off Brian Cashman. After practicing his rappelling from the Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn. for the annual Lights and Heights Christmas event Sunday, Cashman said Friday he has closed the doors on further interviews and is ready to make his recommendation to Yankees general partner Hal Steinbrenner from among Aaron Boone, Hensley Meulens, Carlos Beltran, Eric Wedge, Rob Thompson and Chris Woodward for the successor to Joe Girardi. It appears Cashman has already made up his mind so — unless Hal has his own favorite that differs from his GM’s — an official announcement will likely come sometime early next week. Based on sourced information from how all the interviews went down, it appears Boone, Meulens and Beltran all made the strongest impressions on Cashman and his team of close advisers that included VP of Baseball Operations Tim Naehring, assistant GM Mike Fishman and Senior VP Jean Afterman who were part of the process. You probably have to eliminate Beltran if only because it is highly unlikely Cashman would turn the managerial reins over to someone fresh out of the player ranks — which brings it down to either Boone or Meulens, either of whom would be a popular choice if for no other reason than their engaging personalities. Communication is obviously the operative word here since, other than Wedge, nobody knows whether any of these guys can really manage.