The jet leg caught up to Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, as he adjusted both to a drastic time-zone difference and varying sleeping patterns. Those two things paled, however, to the countless sources of energy that have left him in high spirits. Pachulia is only three months removed from winning his first NBA championship, two months removed from resigning with the Warriors to a one-year, $3.5 million deal and a month removed from visiting his native Georgia. Plenty of work awaits upon Pachulia’s return as the Warriors are less than a week away from when training camp opens on Friday. But while Pachulia’s offseason left him relaxed, the Warriors’ ability to keep their core roster this summer left him encouraged that the good times will continue. “I think we’re going to be even better this year with the confidence, the trust factor and knowing for ourselves we won a championship with that team, with that personalities on the team and the chemistry we have,” Pachulia said. “We can be even better with the focus we have with better details in how to improve.” To stop that from happening, plenty of other NBA teams have loaded up their respective rosters. The Rockets acquired Chris Paul to pair with James Harden in the backcourt. The Thunder landed Paul George in hopes a one-year experiment with Russell Westbrook will become something more permanent. The Boston Celtics became shrewd in both free agency (Gordon Hayward) and trades (Kyrie Irving). “We got Nick Young. We got Omri Casspi. We got Jordan Bell,” Pachulia answered.