Urban Meyer doesn't know what he's doing as an NFL head coach. Or does he? 

These exact sentiments echoed across social media after Travis Etienne, this year's 25th overall draft pick, spent all of the Jacksonville Jaguars' rookie camp as a wide receiver instead of running back. 

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"At the worst-case scenario, you have a running back with the skill set of a wide receiver," Meyer told reporters. "Best-case scenario, you'll have a hybrid player who does both, and that's what we're hoping to develop out of Travis."

The flippancy of the remark bordered on egotistical.

Sure, let's take the ACC's all-time leading rusher, draft him with a first-round pick and immediately move him to wide receiver. He'll be fine. We know exactly what we're doing. 

Everyone saw this story unfold before with another ultra-successful collegiate head coach who came into the NFL and wanted complete control of his organization's operations. He instilled his specific way of doing things to the franchise's eventual detriment.