All this talk about whether LeBron James or Dwyane Wade is more important to the Miami Heat's playoff success needs to stop. How well the Heat do doesn't hinge on one player, or even two. Instead, it hinges on the motivation and inspiration that is at the foundation of their playoff push. Up until Game 5 of the Heat's second-round series with the Pacers, the Heat looked like an unmotivated and unfocused team. Sure, they had evened the series at two games apiece, but they were still playing like they did in the regular season. It wasn't until the flagrant two heard round the world that the Miami Heat finally woke up, and we have none other than Udonis Haslem to thank for that—well, Tyler Hansbrough gets some credit too, but you know what I mean. The moment Haslem dropped the boom on Hansbrough is the exact moment the Heat woke up from their slumber and finally remembered what they're playing for.