What do you think will happen with Profar over next two years ? Evan Grant: I still think he will be traded. The Rangers are deep in the middle infield. They have a looming issue in the outfield. To me, it makes more sense to trade Profar in a package for an established outfielder (Giancarlo Stanton???) than to move Kinsler to the outfield and move Profar, a shortstop, to second base. Why try and fit square pegs into round holes? If you can get the outfielder you need, stop moving bodies around. What about trading Profar for a franchise catcher at the end of the season? Evan Grant: Not to be a smart guy, but exactly who would that be. The Giants have a franchise catcher in Buster Posey and they ain't giving him up. What non-contending team has a "franchise" catcher. I just don't think such an animal exists in the marketplace.