Tim Anderson has become one of MLB’s premier shortstops and is one of the faces of the World Series-contending Chicago White Sox. The 28-year-old has grown more productive and impactful with age.

The homegrown Chicago shortstop isn’t the stereotypical star player who hits 30-plus home runs a season or is among the league leaders in OPS. He’s known for being a smooth player who does a lot of the little, under-the-radar things well.

What shortstop is that reminiscent of? That would be the now former New York Yankees’ Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter. Here’s why Anderson is the modern-day Jeter.


Tim Anderson and Derek Jeter are contact hitters with pop

Anderson is one of the better pure contact hitters in the sport. He has a steady swing geared towards smacking pitching into the outfield grass. Across the last three seasons, which is when he began to come into his own, Anderson is hitting a combined .320.

Hitting at the top of the White Sox’ order for the bulk of his career, Anderson has been a table setter for the sluggers behind him. Another catalyst for his success is speed. Anderson has top-level speed, as he forces infielders to throw ground balls over to first base in a jiffy, which can occasionally lead to forced and errant throws.

That speed is also utilized when it comes to swiping bags and legging out an extra base on hits behind him. Anderson is 17-for-24 on stolen base attempts this season and has produced similar stat lines in years past.