As another NBA chapter nears, it’s time for our season previews. Is the Spurs’ tank finally running on empty? Expected Conference Ranking: 5th Best Move of the Offseason: Getting Pau Gasol to opt out of the final year of his contract. How do the Spurs keep doing this? It makes sense when a player opts out of a big deal to leave the Kings. Because let’s be honest, that’s akin to gnawing off your arm to escape being trapped underneath a boulder. But doing that in San Antonio would be like gnawing off your arm to get out of a day spa. It really doesn’t make sense. Pau Gasol was a below average NBA player last season who is probably unplayable in deep playoff series moving forward. Getting off his $16 million gave them the flexibility to make serious improvements to a roster that quietly needed them. Worst Move of the Offseason: They brought back Gasol? What? That doesn’t even make sense. He was overpaid on a one-year deal… now he gets two years with a partially guaranteed third AT THE SAME NUMBER! They don’t even get relief! They gained nothing from a gift from the heavens. Give Gasol a golden parachute, fine. Take care of him for at least trying to help you out. But make it a two-year deal worth like $15 million. Not a three-year contract for $48 million. Having organizational class and taking care of your players means nothing when you can’t win. The $16 million they’re giving Gasol is going to seem very extravagant when they can’t field a five-man unit capable of defending the Warriors in May. Their Offense: The beautiful game is going to have to be more beautiful than ever this season to cover up a broken roster. There is not a point guard on this roster capable of running a pick-and-roll. Nor is their a big man capable of rolling on a pick-and-roll. Danny Green shooting below 40 percent from three might just be the new normal. Kawhi Leonard and Rudy Gay are the only creators on this offense, and they really only create for themselves.