I've got to admit that I wasn't ecstatic when I heard the news that Rob Ryan was the leading candidate for the New Orleans Saints vacant Defensive Coordinator position yesterday. I'm by no means completely against the guy, but at first blush I felt that he would be a lazy choice. Another big name that would be more style than substance, and maybe that's all he is. I have given the potential hire a lot of though the last few days though, and I read something that was simply stated that made me start to think outside the surface on this potential hire. On Twitter yesterday, LB Scott Shanle sent out the following comment: whoever Saints hire need to bring back attitude & swag we had in 2009-11& no it wasn't because of $50 pool we had. Save da bounty comments Now, bounty wisecracks aside, the first part of his comment really resonated with me. A senior member of the Saints defense points out an obvious fact, the 2012 Saints defense lost the attitude and swagger they carried under Gregg Williams' tenure. Shanle's comment told me that the defense had lost it's confidence under Steve Spagnuolo. Once again this is clearly obvious when watching the Saints defense on the field but think about it, the Saints defense under Williams knew exactly who they were, for better or worse, and in one season they completely lost their way.