The Redskins got big news on Friday that the NFL won’t be suspending Reuben Foster this fall. 

The debate about what should have happened to Foster, who was arrested twice for domestic violence in one calendar year though both cases were thrown out in court, will not be found here. 

In the Redskins Park offices, the focus will be on Foster the football player and what he can possibly bring to the field this fall. 

With the NFL Draft less than two weeks away, the natural question becomes what does Foster’s status mean for the Redskins' draft strategy. 

The answer should be obvious: Not much. 

Beyond the domestic violence incidents, Foster has also had two other arrests, once with a gun and once with marijuana. Beyond those four police incidents, Foster also got thrown out of the 2017 NFL Combine for a run-in with a medical professional during a physical. And all of that has happened in just two years. 

Simply put, it would be foolish to let Foster’s current availability impact overall draft strategy. 

The third-year linebacker out of Alabama first needs to prove to the Redskins he can stay out of trouble, then he needs to prove he can stay healthy.