Back in February of 2015, the Sixers were part of a three-team trade that included Philadelphia trading a former lottery pick and recent Rookie of the Year, and only returning a first-round Lakers draft pick with protections. Four drafts later, and the Sixers might finally receive that valuable draft pick in 2018. Maybe. It will help if the Lakers keep losing. In that 2015 trade deadline deal the Sixers sent Michael Carter-Williams -- the aforementioned Rookie of the Year -- to Milwaukee, Brandon Knight went from the Bucks to the Suns and a protected first-round Lakers draft pick went to Philadelphia. (The Suns also dealt Miles Plumlee and Tyler Ennis to the Bucks and received Kendall Marshall -- who eventually signed with the Sixers as a free agent.) Three drafts later, and the pick still hasn't conveyed to the Sixers due to its protections. It was top-three protected in the 2017 draft, and the Lakers picked second. The pick is unprotected from the Lakers' perspective in 2018 ... but it's still not guaranteed to come to Philadelphia. As part of the Sixers trade to move up from the No. 3 draft slot to the Celtics' No. 1 pick and draft Markelle Fultz in June, Philadelphia will only keep the Lakers pick if it comes in at No. 1 or after the No. 5 pick. Otherwise, the Celtics will receive the pick in 2018.