On Monday, former Detroit quarterback and current ESPN talking talker Dan Orlovsky made a proclamation: the Lions should not follow the mistakes of their predecessors and become addicted to water wide receivers, but rather draft linemen who can help them get big up front. Orlovsky was wrong, but only in that the Lions have been doing exactly that in more recent memory, not to mention that one of those wide receivers drafted had a Hall of Fame career. But on the core matter, and in regard to this draft class, he’s still on point.

In a large matter, the question of Penei Sewell is not one that necessarily lays in the hands of Detroit. We know the three teams at the top of the draft that need quarterbacks, but the next three teams share similar needs to the Lions.

...but the board COULD fall the way for the Lions, which would be a genuine stroke of luck the likes we haven’t seen since 2016 (perhaps longer lived than such). All it would take is a couple strangelings in the passage of time, a trade (or Atlanta’s desire) for a fourth quarterback; perhaps the insistence of Cincinnati to ignore the massive gaping scar on the leg of their quarterback and take a receiving threat.