It would be easy for the Dallas Cowboys to release Josh Brent. He's failed two drug tests while on bail for an intoxication manslaughter charge resulting in the death of his best friend and practice squad player Jerry Brown. Brent, in my opinion, should be released. The Cowboys won't do it, at least for now. It's not a financial reason because Brent's base salary is $630,000 and he counts $641,889 against the salary cap, so you're not saving a lot of money here by letting him go. One of the big reasons Brent remains on the roster is he knows he's going to jail for a period of time. It's not a matter of if he goes to jail, it's when. How long is uncertain. Those close to Brent say he's living with tremendous guilt over the death of his best friend. Last December at the memorial service for Brown in Dallas, numerous teammates hugged Brent and welcomed his presence. Brent attended the first half of the Cowboys' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last season, though he left after his presence irked some fans and members of the media. "At the same time, you know he's probably beating himself up inside," defensive end Jason Hatcher said last year of Brent. "But just being around the game he loves and to come in there and put a smile on our face as well as him, that was an unbelievable feeling. From now on, I don't know what will happen as far as him coming to a game. But the support of him is going to be amazing from us." Brent is described as a well-liked player who would talk all day with reporters and teammates about who the best point guard in the NBA is, debate the best teams in Big 10 basketball (he attended Illinois) and at times would sit at his locker and just relax.