As mind-blowing as what I'm about to type may sound, statistically speaking, it's currently a true statement. Anderson Varejao is playing like a top five player in the NBA. I know, small sample size this early in the season, but if you were to rank all players in the NBA by PER (player efficiency rating), you'll see what I mean. Anderson Varejao comes in right at the fifth spot. That's one spot below Kobe Bryant. That's two spots above Kevin Durant. He's shooting the best he's ever shot from the floor (.608) and the line (.714). He's recording career high rebounding (13.7) and assist (3.4) rates. Anderson Varejao is currently playing the best basketball of his life and some of the best basketball in the league. (all stats valid as of Nov. 17th) And the Cavs need to trade him. Immediately. It's hard to watch Anderson Varejao play this season and not want him on the Cavs. He's incredible and the chemistry he shows with Kyrie Irving perfectly illustrates just what Kyrie can bring to the table when paired with an atheltic big man that can run the floor with him. But Kyrie Irving is also part of the problem. So is Dion Waiters. They're just too young. Both are twenty years old. Neither have played a full, 82 game season in the NBA. They're referred to as the Cavaliers "backcourt of the future" for a reason. Both of them, regardless of how amazing Kyrie Irving is right now, have a long way to go before they develop into the players they truly are.