On Sunday, long-time Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista got a standing ovation from the hometown fans as a show of appreciation for all the joy he's brought them over the year. Long-time slugger Edwin Encarnacion departed via free agency after last season, too. Along with those two players, former MVP Josh Donaldson formed a killer trio of big bats that helped the Blue Jays make the ALCS two straight years. With two now gone, it seems fitting that this is the perfect time for the Blue Jays to send Josh Donaldson on his way as well. Donaldson is still an excellent all-around player, but it seems pretty likely his MVP days are just slightly behind him. He's going to be 32 years old next season. It's also his last year under team control before hitting free agency. Assuming the Blue Jays won't or can't agree to an extension with him this coming offseason, shipping him to a would-be contender as a one-year rental seems like the play. As currently constructed, it doesn't appear the Jays are a great bet to reach the postseason next year, meaning they should get the most they can out of Donaldson on the trade market and the best time would be this offseason. The best free agent third baseman is Mike Moustakas with Todd Frazier coming second. Moustakas is going to be very coveted, but past that it's slim pickings on guys who figure to greatly cash in. Teams that could be looking for a third baseman to contend in 2018, off the top of my head, could be the Mets, Giants, Royals (they can't afford to bring Moustakas back, but trading for one year of Donaldson seems like a longshot that might work) and Angels. Maybe the Yankees would give it a shot, too, who knows?