The Blackhawks are doing it again. They’re toying with the city of Chicago, whose fans just about wrote the playoffs off for the a millionth time only to see their team rattle off four consecutive victories and pull within four points of a wildcard spot with 12 games left.

The Blackhawks keep tugging on the heartstrings, and they’ve become must-watch television because you don’t know which team you’re going to get. Actually, you do. It’s both Jekyll and Hyde.

The Blackhawks are who we think they are: A team that can score a touchdown, but also give one up in the same game. It’s why they’re the most entertaining team in the NHL right now because it doesn’t matter what the score is, how big their lead or deficit is, etc. Nothing is safe.

Just take a look at the last three weeks alone:

— Feb. 18 vs. Ottawa: The Blackhawks trailed twice, held multiple multi-goal leads, both goalies were pulled, and won 8-7 in a game that featured nine first-period goals.

— Feb. 20 at Detroit: The Blackhawks took a 4-1 lead into the third period, allowed three unanswered goals, then rebounded in overtime when Patrick Kane scored the game winner to make it 5-4.

— Feb. 22 vs. Colorado: The Blackhawks trailed on three separate occasions, rallied twice, but came up short and lost 5-3 thanks to an empty netter that sealed the deal.