It’s about time, right? Mitchell Trubisky is finally the Bears’ starting quarterback! That’s right, Mitchell Trubisky, the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, is finally under center for the Chicago Bears. Well this isn’t breaking news obviously, as he already has two games under his belt. But it’s still great news for Chicago, not to mention the fans who may have finally found their new Franchise Quarterback. Throughout Bears’ history at the quarterback position, it’s always been a weakness. We all know about the Monster’s Of The Midway and the great Walter Payton. But, has Chicago really ever had a quarterback that they could truly rely on? If I were to name the list of Quarterbacks the Bears have had throughout the last few decades, this article would be at least double what it should. And trust me, those names are nothing to be proud of. It can even be argued that Jay Cutler is, by the numbers, the greatest QB in Bears history. Yet his record in Chicago finished at 51-51. Not necessarily great, is it? Now, it is premature to think Trubisky is Chicago’s savior. But he definitely has the tools and capability. Let’s start with his college days at North Carolina. Trubisky was everything you would want from a QB in his senior year. He had a QB rating of 157.9, a completion percentage of 68 and 3,748 total yards. The question going into the draft , however, was if he was experienced enough. If his 13 starts were enough. Trubisky then silenced some doubters in the preseason. Across those four games, Trubisky threw for 364 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions. That’s good for a 106.2 rating.