We got to see the family up close in their Facebook TV series “Ball in the Family.” It allowed the public to grow a little closer to these individuals as they went through their journeys to get where they are today. All of this was set up by LaVar Ball to give them exposure so that viewers could see how likable and relatable his kids were. Heck, the creation of Big Baller Brand was made so his kids could be the face of that too. He invested a lot of time and money to make sure that his kids were able to pursue their dreams, which is what any father should want. Lonzo and LaMelo Ball know this.

LaVar Ball is still delusional for claiming he can beat Michael Jordan one on one in their primes, but he is smart. With all the headlines he was making in the sports world, his kids just had to go out and hoop. Sure, he is probably not the most likable guy, but he does not care. His family is doing well and that’s all that matters to him. We will see if Lonzo can take off with the Bulls this coming season, and if LaMelo Ball can build on his sensational rookie season with the Hornets