Over the weekend there was chatter about the Avs maybe being in the market for a defenseman maybe with a team like Philadelphia which is cap-strapped and desperate to move one of their expensive D-men thanks to Paul Holmgren’s continued bumbling management of the salary cap. John Mitchell was mentioned as a possible target for Philly who could use a versatile and cap-friendly forward. The Avs this year will probably always be interested in at least hearing what another team has to offer in the way of D-men. So while I am confident those teams at least talked about a possible deal nothing came of it and on Sunday coach/executive VP of hockey ops Patrick Roy spelled out why there won’t be any trades – at least for a little while. The Avs have plenty of cap room – about $10.6 million. They could easily take on a $3-4 million player even two. But Roy said it’s better to see what this team can do first before looking elsewhere. “We’re happy with our roster. We’re happy with the signing of (depth D-men) Nate Guenin and (Nick) Holden” Roy said. “Holden has been very impressive. Same thing for Guenin. They’re going to start the year with us. When (Ryan) Wilson comes back we’ll make a decision. But as of right now we don’t have to make a decision. They’re steady they’re consistent in their game and been great guys to add to our roster. “Right now the problem in the NHL is there are a lot of teams that are close to the cap. They’re trying to unload the player that basically no one wants. That’s no help for us. We need to go for the players that we think will play a role. And quite frankly I like my four lines with (Marc-Andre) Cliche as the fifth guy. I’m very comfortable. I don’t mind our D. We’re not going to replace our D with D that we don’t think are going to make our team better. We’ve been working with them for the last two weeks. Let’s keep working with this group let’s see where we’re going to go. I feel like I owe it to this group to start the year and then we’ll see about any moves.”