Pierre-Luc Dubois is still staying tight-lipped on why he requested a trade out of Columbus last season.

But the Winnipeg Jets centre is now providing insight as to why he chose the “no comment” path — and how his own silence fuelled some painful speculation from the outside.

“For me, the hard part was when I got traded, it was the people kinda putting words in my mouth like why he wants out. This happened or this happened,” Dubois told Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek Monday during a recording of the 31 Thoughts: The Podcast.

“These are people that have never met me, that have no idea who I am, have probably never even done an interview with me. It was kind of tough to deal with that. It was hard on my parents, to be honest. For my mom to see stuff like that, it was tough on her.

“That was a very hard part in my life, and I went through it, and I’m still alive. There’s worse things that can happen.”

Once Dubois, 23, made it known that he wanted out of Columbus, he and agent Pat Brisson made another decision.

They would explain the reasons behind the trade request to the Blue Jackets brass but decline to go into detail with reporters or anyone else, keeping Dubois’s motivation private.