If you’re a Patriots fan praying for a speedy, post-Brady recovery, hit your knees and pray somebody in the Top 10 takes Tua Tagovailoa. 

Because if nobody does and the Patriots trade up to get him as we’ve been talking about nonstop for a month? 

They will be stuck with a millstone.

A vertically challenged, lefthanded quarterback whose leg popped out of its hip socket four months ago because he was running for his life with an injured ankle to get away from a collegiate pass rush that he didn’t want to get hit by because the collection of future pros on his offense failed to make life as easy for him on that play as they normally did. 

No disrespect to Tua, of course. No reason to root against him finding his forever home in the NFL. But this ain’t it. This is a team that has penance to do for the past five drafts that they mostly peed out the window.