There will be buyers, sellers, renters and movers. And there is another group adorning the NBA landscape as Thursday’s trade deadline approaches: The waiters. No, not Dion’s kin or the Restaurant Workers Union, but rather executives around the league waiting to pounce on players bought out, released, exiled or whatever, after the deadline. And everyone is waiting, anticipating considerable markdowns on available talent. “There are a lot of teams selling. [Teams await] prices coming down. Right now the prices are high,” one league source explained, noting teams with extra roster spots likely will make later moves. “There’s going to be a lot of guys who get bought out. That may be the best route to go.” Toronto is said to be looking for shooting help that way and the Thunder, who reportedly are interested in Tony Allen, now in Chicago after the Nikola Mirotic deal, may also try that route. Oklahoma City suffered a severe jolt losing Andre Roberson to injury and covets defensive perimeter help. The players many anticipate will have new zip codes by week’s end are familiar rumored names: Tyreke Evans of the Grizzlies, Lou Williams and DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers, Rodney Hood or Derrick Favors of the Jazz and virtually anybody wearing a Hawks uniform, particularly Marco Belinelli. The Cavaliers remain one of the most closely watched teams. The three-time defending Eastern champs are desperate to find help for LeBron James. But there’s a problem.