If there is a Major League Baseball season in 2020, it's going to bear limited resemblance to the standard edition. The schedule will be condensed; the rules altered; and the strategies tweaked. 

The draft is no exception. Teams have been forced to veer from normality with their preparation, and some in the game think they'll maintain a creative spirit with their employment of some of those 2020 draftees.

One idea floated to CBS Sports by league insiders entails certain teams using their highly drafted pitchers in big-league contests this season, before they've had the chance to pitch in the minor leagues. The thinking goes like this: every team will have concerns about their pitching depth. The pitchers in question, meanwhile, will have shouldered lighter workloads than normal during the spring and will have no opportunity to report to the minors. That combination could tempt a team to entertain an unusual approach for an unusual season.

To be clear, this play would be possible for only select teams: those who have playoff ambitions, yet who are drafting early enough to select a polished collegiate pitcher.