Some days, Troy Tulowitzki would pause his trash talking, slide on a glove, and put on a demonstration that accomplished two things. The first was giving hands-on instruction to a willing student in Brett Baty. The second was reminding the highly regarded Mets prospect just who he was dealing with.

“He’d be trying to show me up,” Baty said in a recent phone interview. “And, I mean, most of the time he would.”

Ahead of what could be a critical 2023 season, Baty sought help to improve defensively at third base. He turned to a former star shortstop in Tulowitzki, who essentially gave Baty a no-nonsense master class on how to be a pro. It was exactly what he wanted.

“He’s not going to beat around the bush about anything and he’s not going to sugarcoat anything,” Baty said. “If he doesn’t see something he thinks will play at the next level, he will tell you straight up.

“And I love that in people. I don’t really like people who are just there to tell you how good you are, tell you how good you look and stuff like that. I like the people that are actually going to be honest with you, and help you get better.”

Over 13 years in the major leagues, Tulowitzki earned five All-Star appearances and captured two Gold Glove awards. But beyond those accolades, Tulowitzki’s credentials include being a first-round pick, something he shares in common with Baty.