Kyle Van Noy has been the superstar of the BYU defense for several seasons, and his senior year as a Cougar could be better than any other. The extreme prize a college football player can earn is the Heisman Trophy, and Van Noy could be in a position in 2013 to contend for it. I'm not saying that the Reno, Nev. native will be the winner of the famed award, but his performance throughout the year could help him compete. The odds will be, without a doubt, stacked against Van Noy, but here are three reasons why he will be in the running for the Heisman. If there is anything that can get national eyes looking at you, it's having a big performance on a big stage. The Cougar schedule will give KVN plenty of those opportunities this year, with home games against Texas and Boise State and road matchups at Notre Dame and Wisconsin. If Van Noy can come up with big showings in those games (three of which are scheduled to be on national TV), there's no doubt that Heisman voters will start looking at him. With some huge games and a little help from ESPN, the stage is definitely set for national recognition.