Justin Herbert and Jordan Love are considered by most the 3rd and 4th best quarterbacks in the 2020 draft class. When people think of the 2020 draft class, it will be Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa compared as their career goes on, and the same will be with Love and Herbert. So, who will have a better career between Love and Herbert? Let’s break it down.

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert was drafted sixth overall by the Los Angeles Chargers after being a standout with the Oregon Ducks. Herbert looks like the prototypical NFL quarterback that can really air it out deep. He is very accurate with his passes, especially on the short and intermediate throws. He also does a good job putting the ball up high to give only his wide receiver a chance to catch it. There are some downfalls to Herbert’s game though, especially when he is under pressure.

The good news for Herbert is he should get a chance to perform well early with the weapons he has around him on the Chargers. His NFL career isn’t going to be made in his first couple of years, but getting off to a strong start is going to be a major help. If he struggles early in his career, who knows if he would get a second chance as a starter with a new team.