To the naked eye, the new Green Bay Packers might not look much different than the old team.

Aaron Rodgers, arguably the NFL’s best individual talent, is still commanding the huddle. Jordy Nelson is gone, but receivers Davante Adams and Randall Cobb remain. And outside linebacker Clay Matthews anchors the pass rush for another season.

There's no question, however, that the 2018 Packers are different.

Under new general manager Brian Gutekunst, the club didn't sit out free agency and pass on major signings, as Green Bay did so often in the past. Former GM Ted Thompson's careful and methodical approach did lead to a title in 2010, but the Packers have lacked talent around Rodgers since.

Gutekunst didn’t go guns-a-blazin' with the team’s bankroll, but he did land two significant weapons on the open market: Pro Bowl tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson.