The Philadelphia Eagles hold the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and after agreeing to trade former MVP candidate Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts, they're widely expected to consider taking a new quarterback with that pick. Unless team owner Jeffrey Lurie gets his way. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported Monday that Lurie has "instructed" his personnel department, including general manager Howie Roseman, to build around second-year man Jalen Hurts and forget about a QB competition in 2021.

Is Hurts, a second-round pick just a year ago, promising enough to warrant a bigger opportunity? Sure. Might Hurts, who flashed both poise and play-making ability in place of Wentz as a rookie, be exactly what the Eagles need under center? Sure. Would he look even better with a restocked supporting cast? Probably. Is it wrong for the team owner to express confidence in said upside? Absolutely not.

But if Lurie is, in fact, mandating these kinds of decisions -- officially or otherwise -- then the Eagles have bigger issues than QB uncertainty.