No one is more polarizing to Wizards fans as Jordan Crawford. To some, he is a valuable shot creator off the bench who has made noticeable improvement every year and has the potential to be one of the best sixth men in the league. To others, he is a selfish ball hog who can never contribute to a good team. As the statistics show, Crawford has improved individually every year. His true shooting percentage has gone from an atrocious 45.6% as a rookie, to 48.8% as a sophomore and is at 51.2% this year. While still below the 53.4% average for a shooting guard, he's gone from an unbelievably inefficient scorer to a high volume, slightly inefficient one. His assists have gone from 4.1 per 36 minutes to 5, and his rebounds from 3.7 to 4.3. He's also hitting a good percentage of his spot up's, scoring 1.1 points per possession (PPP) according to MySynergySports, including over 40% from three. As always, he's great isolation scorer, his 0.99 PPP is 12th in Synergy's database. A Jordan Crawford iso is actually an efficient shot. Nevertheless, the Wizards should look to trade Crawford before his rookie contract is over. While he has some great offensive skills, they haven't translated to actually helping his team. Part of the problem is Crawford's weak defense.