Speaking with the Austin American-Statesman this week, Pro Football Hall of Famer Earl Campbell said that the Texans Longhorns -- his alma mater -- must realize they need a black quarterback to win. This was in regards to their current starting quarterback, Sam Ehlinger, who is white, and Campbell's belief that, "All these schools that are winning, even in the pros, have black quarterbacks."

The comment, or belief, if you will, was the textbook definition of racism. And thus far, outside of a few aggregation posts from blogs, sports media has essentially elected to not cover it.

The flawed statement by Campbell is not just racist, and stereotyping, it's also factually inaccurate. According to Campbell, all the schools winning in college, and the teams in the pros, have black quarterbacks. Let's take a look.

Trevor Lawrence was the starting quarterback of Clemson when they won the national championship last season. As for the pros, Tom Brady was the Super Bowl-winning quarterback a year ago. Taking championships out of this equation, over the past 10 seasons, there has been a blend of races having success at the most important position in sports. Between 2008-2018, the Heisman Trophy has gone to a quarterback nine times. Three of them have been white, five have been black, and one was of Samoan descent.