The NBA is boring. Hey -- it's not me saying that. That's straight from the mouth of Charlotte Hornets rookie guard Malik Monk, who I spent some time chatting with this week after a morning shootaround. Listen for yourself right here, on the newest CBS Sports' Flagrant Two podcast: "It's boring." Monk didn't mean the league itself is boring. Of course not. The league is difficult. The league is challenging. The league is a lifelong dream, achieved. The 19-year-old Kentucky one-and-done product is a beautiful, natural scorer who is adapting to the pace and the subtleties of the NBA game. It's been a challenge, he readily admits that. When you're a rookie, grown men bully you around on the court. He's gone up against lockdown defender Avery Bradley, and it was brutal. The challenge is learning the system. "When I'm comfortable in the system, I'm going to know when my shots are gonna come," Monk said. "Get to my spots, how to play, I'm going to be fine. I just got to get the system down like the back of my hand and I'll be alright." It will take time. Three games in and Monk has been playing a bunch for the injury-riddled Hornets. But even averaging 19 minutes a game, he's struggled, shooting 18 percent from the field and 21 percent from 3.