It's open season on Tua Tagovailoa and everyone is taking shots. Why? And to what end? I have no idea. But in the short few months since the Dolphins' season ended, we've had two of his former college teammates pick his successor over him and multiple Dolphins teammates question his ability to be great in the NFL.

The latest voice to enter the discussion was Alabama draft prospect Jalen Waddle. The star wide receiver was asked by Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network who he would choose between Tagovailoa and Mac Jones. Waddle, who played with both quarterbacks at Alabama, quickly responded Jones, saying both are great quarterbacks but he would go with Jones for all the reasons you can listen to in this video.

This is the same reaction DeVonta Smith, Alabama's Heisman-winning WR, reportedly had. He was asked by NFL GMs the same question and, like Waddle, didn't hesitate in picking Jones over Tagovailoa.

Beyond the obvious question of why these players are answering this question knowing whomever they choose will be a knock on the other guy, it's pretty shocking to see all the shots fired at Tagovailoa over the last two months. Wasn't he the No. 5 pick in the 2020 draft for a reason? Didn't he just lead the Dolphins to a 7-3 record as a starter in 2020? Was his 2-1 TD-to-interception ratio not good enough to prove he, at minimum, might be a good quarterback in the NFL? Apparently not.