Over the weekend I was listening to the radio home of the Miami Marlins. One of their radio broadcasters was leading a Miami Marlins radio show. More than anything, it tries to build excitement or interest in the team leading up to the 2013 season. Guests come on the show and talk about the Fish. Other times there might be thought provoking predictions of what might happen in the future. But by far, the most interesting part is when fans are allowed to call in and voice their opinion. And as you can imagine, fans are not too happy right now. Some fans will remain positive. But after the latest fire sale, its hard to 'get up' for baseball. At one point, the radio host tried to defend the situation by saying changes were needed after the team lost over 90 games last season. At another point, Larry Beinfest came on the show and said that the Double A Jacksonville team should be a very exciting team to watch this year. I even heard someone else say that the Marlins might surprise people in 2013. Either way, why are team officials or employees of the Marlins trying to spin this? Look, it is fine if you feel like the Marlins are building something towards the future or if you monitor the Marlins prospects' progress. But to sit there and try to justify the moves that were made this offseason is crazy. Think of how excited Marlins fans were this same time last year. It is not by mistake most fans are not interested in baseball now, or at any point this season. -