Quick update here prior to Philly and Boston...then a full out rumor update. One of the most common emails I get is "Why don't you have Jordan Eberle's name on the rumor chart?" Jordan Eberle's name has been in the rumor mill this year, in the press constantly, and yet I haven't reported on any rumors of Eberle except to debunk the Flyers rumors earlier this season. The Flyers were talking to Edmonton back then, but not about Eberle. The Oilers really don't want to trade Eberle. Eberle is a heart and soul guy and the Oilers know this. They have drafted many talented top-flight prospects more skilled than Eberle, but what Eberle brings to the table is what the Oilers are lacking...and the Oilers aren't in to moving their two top heart and soul guys. Hall and Eberle. That is what I have been told.